Kwartalnik Kongregacji Genealogicznej


Korzenie ('roots'), historical quarterly under the aegis of Genealogy Association, is published since 1990. The subjects of our research are:

  • the history of the noble famielies from the region of Czestochowa, Kozieglowy, Zarki and Siewierz in the XVIIIth and XIXth century.
  • the people's life and the history of the underground resistance in the border of the General Gouvernement and the German Reich.
  • the history, the cultural ties, the people's genealogy of multiethnic weaver colony Kamienica Polska near Czestochowa (settlement established by german and czech colonists who had acquired, in 1818, some allontments from Antonina and Florian Sadowski).

Polski / Deutche / Francaise